EVENTS  2019
PH: 605-842-0915 or 5089
Each contractor will pay a yearly MBBA membership fee of $100 (at beginning of season)
*Membership to enter Finale (if you havent bought one in current year: $300)
Regular Season Entry Fees:
Yearling Futurity: $300
Two Year Old Futurity: $400
Classic (3 & 4 yr olds): $550
Maturity (5 yr olds & older): $650
Bring your own rider events are $50 more
(Also co-sanctioning 2 yr old and classic with the ABBI - which will add $100 per entry)
If you plan on entering an event, PLEASE call your vet BEFORE entering, and make
sure you have time to get the required health papers to the said state.
NEW Membership forms MUST be in the office BEFORE you can enter an event.  
Click link above to print form out and send in Membership Payment! Click link for online entry form!
Some states require different tests to different states, that may take up to a week to get the bull tested! Please have the proper health
papers.  They will be checked at each event and if you dont have them, you will forfeit your entry fees and not be able to compete!
PLEASE NOTE:  Entries for every event open the Monday that is TWO weeks BEFORE the date of the event, and close the next
Monday.  (So they are only open for one week now!)   Please get your entries in right away as some classes fill up quick.
Midwest Bucking
Bull Association
Bryan Weyers-Monroe, IA - 641-891-0462
Byron & Donna Juma-Torrington, WY - 308-641-6274
Harvey & Brenda Bierema - White River, SD - 605.259.3254
Justin Stringer - Sanborn ND - 701.840.1025
Randy & Jennie Shippy - Colome, SD - 605.842.5089
Travis & Jill Eckroth - Flasher, ND - 701.391.4869
ATTENTION:  The MBBA will co-sanction the Yearling, Two Yr Old & Classic events with the ABBI for 2019 - The ABBI is
raising their fee to $100 per bull (co-sanctioning w/ the ABBI is left up to individual producer)
June 21st FRIDAY Colome SD  yearling, twos and classic- maturity
July 12th FRIDAY Colome SD- Yearling & Two yr old
Oct 19th 2019 MBBA FINALE - COLOME
May 25th  Colome SD  all 4 classes
ALL COLOME events will have the Team Bonus ($200) for Futurity Calves*  Other events may opt to do this also
April 27th Colome SD Yearling & Two yr Futurity
Sept 8th Cody WY  CoSanction Yearling & Two yr old & Classic -call Philip Hofer to enter
Feb 9th  Torrington CoSanction contact Jumas to enter
June 29th  Elroy WI CoSanction Yearling & Two yr old-call Gene Baldwin to enter
Sept Colome ??
July 20 Roundup MT CoSanction Yearling & Two yr old & Classic-call Philip Hofer to enter
Aug 31st Colome SD -ALL FOUR CLASSES-9am-2pm(classic) start time
Cancelled due to weather